Welcome to The Om Life.

Meditation, yoga, vegetarian food, holistic medicine… Everywhere you turn today, there’s a new trend that’s sweeping the country. And with good reason. These lifestyle approaches offer us a way to slow down our busy lives, drop deeper into our authentic self, and connect more meaningfully with the people and world around us.

The thing is – there’s nothing new about any of it.

These are all part of the rich cultural traditions of my Indian-American heritage. They’re the driving force behind how I lead my life, a balance of ancient and modern, East and West. I’m incredibly proud that more people are now interested in the lessons I’ve learned from my parents and grandparents. Unfortunately, though, we’ve taken what was once a holistic approach – unifying mind, body, and soul – and sold it off piecemeal, marketing a fitness craze here and packaging a food trend there.

The Om Life is my way of putting the pieces together for you. From spirituality, health, and wellness to food, fashion, beauty, and design, The Om Life touches on all aspects of your modern life. Allow me to be your personal curator, gathering the most powerful lessons and inspiration from my culture and showing you how the threads are beautifully intertwined.

This is how I live. This is my personal style guide, based on generations of wisdom, translated to fit our world today. I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.